Life with colour blindness

The effect colour blindness has on a person's life is determined by the type and severity of the colour blindness. It is hard to make a general statement about the effect of colour blindness on a person's life.

Most colour deficiencies don't effect a person's day to day life. People with colour deficiencies tend to adapt to their deficiency. Some people with colour deficiencies go through their life without even knowing they have a defect. The only problems that people with colour defects face are in some cases driving and career choices. The traffic signals that are used may confuse people with colour defects. However they can tell the positions of the traffic lights and don't really need to see the colours. Some of the occupations that people with colour defects are not allowed to do are: Pilot, Train driver, Paint manufacturing, Dye manufacturing, The armed services, Electricians, Police officer and firemen. The reason that people with colour deficiencies are unable to do have these occupations is because of the use of coloured buttons, wires and signals which could be confused or mixed up and put people in danger. Some mistakes that have been made previously by people with colour defects in the past include a crop of unripe tomatoes (picked too early when they were green), the wrong colour thread being used in a length of carpet and others.

I am not sure of the extent that total colour blindness affects people's lives, if you are totally colour blind and would like to tell me the troubles your condition brings you, please e-mail me.


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