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The conversation always seems to be the same when someone finds out that you have a  colour deficiency. Mostly it goes something along the lines of this:

A: What? no way, are you really colour blind?

B: Yes.

A: Really! umm whats the colour of that (pointing to a red object)?

B: Red.

A: What's the colour of that then (pointing to a blue object)?

B: Blue

A: Ok. Whats the colour of.........

B: Look shut the *&%$ up, don't ask me stupid quesions, I can see colours.

A: No you can't, you are colour blind remember!

B: Do you know any thing about colour blindness .......?

And so on......... it can turn into an ugly situation. If you have normal colour vision and you find out that someone is colour blind please do not make fun of them, ask stupid questions etc. It is really annoying and I am sure if you are colour blind you will know all about it!! Show intresest in the person but don't undermine them! If you are colourblind please tell us what experiences you have had.

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